A system of specially selected exercises and scientifically developed methodological techniques for the comprehensive physical development and strengthening of human health; one of the main means of physical education.
Types of gymnastics: general gymnastics and sports gymnastics (sports gymnastics, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics).
Acrobatics develops flexibility, dexterity, strength, courage, willpower, quick reaction, and the ability to navigate space and time. You can start doing acrobatics from the age of 6-8 years.
For children 6 - 8 y.o.
For children 9 - 15 y.o.
45 € (4 lessons)
1x per week (saturday)
65 € (8 lessons)
2x a week
45 € (4 lessons)
1x per week (working days)
1x month
In case of illness, membership is not extended
* If you buy a subscription after the first lesson, this lesson is treated as trial, so it is free. If the subscription is not purchased, the first lesson fee is 15 euros.
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