Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others. It can be practiced in any location, but is usually practiced in urban spaces.

The essence of Parkour can be stated simply: it is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build on these fundamentals to improve our ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements.

Parkour is a system of fitness training that improves strength, speed, ability, co-ordination, stamina, endurance, and precision. It offers a full-body workout at any level of experience, and improves your ability to move, to harness your confidence, to change how you see the world.
For children 6 - 8 y.o.
For children 9 - 15 y.o.
65 € (8 lessons)
2x a week
45 € (4 lessons)
1x per week (working days)
1x month
In case of illness, membership is not extended
* If you buy a subscription after the first lesson, this lesson is treated as trial, so it is free. If the subscription is not purchased, the first lesson fee is 15 euros.
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